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To be successful, Teach to Lead must be directed by the profession from the start. We are currently gathering input to shape the initiative. Please fill out this brief online survey if you are interested in being put on a list of educators to help drive this work and receive updates on our progress. (If you represent an organization that wishes to get involved, please fill out this version of the survey instead.) More information will be coming soon about this initiative – by signing up, you will be included in the conversation immediately.

Share your story

We’re looking for great, real-life examples of teacher leadership in action. Send us yours at info@teachtolead.net. For each story summary, we need short paragraphs addressing each of the three areas listed below.

• THE BEGINNING… Briefly describe how the teacher leadership story began. Did an individual teacher initiate the process from a perceived need? Did a district leader or principal begin the work? What problems were the educators trying to solve?

• DESCRIBE THE PROCESS. How did the teacher leadership story develop? What were the goals? What, specifically, did teachers and leaders do to solve the problem that brought them together? What supports were needed? What is the status work now?

• RESULTS: What outcomes resulted from this teacher leadership? Were there student learning or teacher learning outcomes? What changes have you seen take place because of teacher leadership in action?

Be sure to include the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of the educators mentioned in your story. Since we want to give credit where it’s due, please identify the name of the school, district, or state involved and tell us if it is urban, rural, or suburban.

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  • Follow us via Twitter and Facebook and participate in the dialogue through the hashtag #TeachtoLead
  • Share your hopes and ideas for Teach to Lead in a 500-word blog post that we will consider for publication on this site, the U.S. Department of Education’s Homeroom blog or the National Board’s blog, The Standard.  Send your submission to info@teachtolead.net.
  • Create a  one-minute video testimonial on your experience as a teacher leader or your hopes for this initiative and send us the YouTube link at info@teachtolead.net.